What to eat on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet?

What is Cyclical Ketogenic Diet?

Been following the keto diet but struggling to lose weight? The cyclical ketogenic diet can help rid of a few extra pounds.  A ketogenic diet is where you consume no or little carbs, moderate protein, and high portions of fat. This way the body is trained to boost metabolism by depending on the fat. While this is the most popular and common form of ketosis – there are various ways to follow the high fat, low card routine.

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Going in and out of keto on a weekly basis is called Cyclical Ketosis. Otherwise known as carb cycling were one or two nonconsecutive days of the week you consume carbs. While the rest of the week consists of consuming little or no carbs. The aim is to utilize low insulin levels to burn more fat and build strength.

This way you gain muscle mass quickly while shedding excess fat. On a low-carb day, you consume about 55-75% of calories from fat, 20-30% from protein, and a little below 10% from carbohydrates. While on high-carb days, you have about 55-75% of calories from carbs, 20-30% from protein, and a little below 10% from fat.

Recommended food are as follows

While consuming carbs, it is advised to consume complex carbs. They take longer to digest in comparison to other carbs. This was there is a steady release of sugar in the blood and does not cause major fluctuations to the insulin levels. Consequently leading to more glycogen and less fat storage.

Some complex carbs are as follows :

  1. Unrefined whole grains
  2. Fruit
  3. Brown or wild rice
  4. Lentils
  5. Quinao
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Sweet Potatoes, yams and other starchy vegetables
  8. Barley, buckwheat etc.

These can be altered with the high fat, low carb diet you follow during ketosis. Foods to consume on the usual are as follows :

  1. Eggs
  2. Meat/ Poultry
  3. Cheese
  4. Seeafood
  5. Healthy oils and unsweetned coconut
  6. Avocado
  7. Dairy products (Full-fat)
  8. Low-carb vegetables
  9. Dark chocolate
  10. Low-carb seeds and nuts

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