What triathlon gear do I need?

It takes discipline to train a triathlon, it is a combination of three sports, swimming, cycling and running. In addition to the swim, bike and run, the transition between each leg requires preparation. But for a successful race, it is important to have the right gear. Here are a list of essential triathlon gear you need:


Gears you need

• Swimsuit.
First, you need a good swimsuit and specifically the one that’s skin type for both training and racing. The extra drag is so impactful in the water that your body position is severely impacted rather than being flat on top of the water, you are actually more at an angle trying to go through the water and you’re going to get slower but even if you don’t care about speed, it can really mess up your form or cause injuries. So, investing in a good swimsuit can be important.

• Goggles.
It is important to get a good pair of goggles, clear goggles are recommended as they are a lot easier to see indoors. However, for outdoors the dark tinted ones work better to avoid blinding by the sun.

• Clothing.
So, after a swim you can essentially put on running shorts and a running top, which you can easily wear while on your bike too. But if you go through a lot of training, it is important to wear a bike clothing.

• Bike.
You don’t need to get an expensive bike, you can use what’s available in your garage. It is better to start with a road bike and not get a triathlon bike for your first race.

• Safety gear.
What we mean by safety gear are helmet and gloves. For a helmet, its is advisable to get the ones that are comfortable and fit properly, gloves on the other hand is an important safety gear and highly recommended, though many athletes don’t wear it.

• Repair kit.
Getting a flat repair kit that you can put in a saddlebag under the back of your saddle and knowing how to use it is important.

• Running shoes.
It is important to get shoes that are labeled as neutral that will not try to correct any gait imbalances, so they’re not going to try to roll your foot inward and outward.

• Towels.
You should keep two towels one a large bright colored bathing towel and other a smaller microfiber one.

• Foam roller.
It is a recovery gear for strengthening and stretching while also getting rid of knots. They break up the muscle knots really well and helps you in recovery after a race.

The Takeaway

While there are may be a lot of things you need to get when you get into triathlon, Just the essentials are important inorder to save you more money. First you don’t need extra pool accessories, you don’t need a GPS watch instead google maps just do the same thing and lastly don’t overthink, just go with what you have.


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