White Rice is a staple constituent in India and also in various Asian households all over the world. Rice is not only easy to cook but is also been an integral part of the Indian diet for ages and many more to come. It can’t be argued that adding a side of rice to your meals can help fill you up, but have you ever wondered what actually happens to your body once you eat rice?

Let’s overlook some health benefits that our favorite rice provides us:

1) Being free from gluten:

In an era where veganism is all the rage, rice has proved to be a boon for many. It is also a hypoallergic food. It could be turned into flour, noodles, bread, etc. for a diverse gluten-free choice.
Thus, people suffering from diseases like celiac or are allergic to gluten are free to not give up this favored choice.

2)Stabilizing blood sugar levels:

Even though many perceive rice to be untrue due to high starch and thus a high glycemic index. But the truth comes out to be that when accompanied by other foods such as vegetables, it can prevent blood sugar spikes.

3)Facile Digestion:

Similar to easy in cooking, rice is also easy to digest. Unlike brown rice, white rice doesn’t have a compound called phytic acid. This is an anti-nutrient that causes digestive issues. Rice is also said to improve sleep quality due to being light on the stomach.

4)Keeps gut healthy:

Even when consuming refined white rice, you get a hefty dose of soluble fiber i.e. resistant starch called butyrate. Butyrate is essential in boosting your gut health by reducing any inflammation. That’s the reason why people are often advised to have boiled rice in case of diarrhea or upset stomach.

Since everything has its own set of cons as well, rice is one of the most debatable ingredients to consume. Many people have stopped its consumption due to some disadvantages always surrounding it.

Cons of white rice are as follows:

1)Causes inflammation:

Inflammation can do some quick damage for a rice lover. Thus, it becomes essential to stay on top of which variety you cook with. White rice is a less processed version of brown rice making white rice a simple carbohydrate. This form of carbohydrate is broken down quickly and used immediately by the body for energy.

Refined carbohydrates create a state of inflammation in the body and cause the body to store more water than typical.

2)Prone to blood sugar spikes:

Shortly after eating a serving of rice, your blood sugar will rise. But how much and how fast it rises depends on the type of rice you’re eating. This means each grain of rice is more intact and takes longer to chew and digest, slowing down the overall digestive process.

3) Feeling of Constiaption:

After digging into a sumptuous bowl of rice, one might be facing an unusual problem. That is constipation relating to bowel movements. White rice has the husk, bran, and germ of the grain removed, reducing its fiber and nutrient content. Fiber promotes bowel regularity, so eating large amounts of low-fiber grains such as white rice may lead to constipation.

4)Better choice of rice available:

With the varied choices of rice available, it is essential to choose the right one. White rice checks out many boxes for people. But brown rice or red rice are considered more healthy and a better choice when consuming. They have much more amounts of fibers and vitamins that prove to be much better for the human body

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