What’s the difference between WBFF and ICN competitions?



WBFF uses their connections to provide its athletes with sponsorship and other marketing opportunities, their events are one of the most well-produced shows in the fitness industry.

• Male categories.

Male fitness model: It is for men who can show an athletic and defined physique without having as much muscle as a muscle model. Competitors can wear square-cut shorts which are plain or patterned.

Muscle model: This category is for people who are to muscular for a fitness model, but the competitors can cross over to the male fitness model if they want.

Transformation division: This is for people who need to show three before and after photos, as well as show a bio of their transition journey into their way to a healthy lifestyle.

• Female categories.

Diva figure model: It is for those women who are muscular and defined than diva bikini, judges look for marketability, physique, and stage presence in such competitors.

Diva wellness: It focuses more on women with toned and muscular body as well as the shape of the body. Judges also look for overall beauty and marketability.

Diva bikini model: Judges look for developed body physique while also focusing on slightly muscular women with defined shape and tone.

Diva fitness model: This is for women who have more definition and muscle tone than bikini model. Judges also look for women with athletic physique, marketability, and stage presence.

Commercial models: The required age group is between 17 to 45 years, it is a specialized branch of modeling. Judges here look for beauty and marketability while winners pose for some of the world’s biggest magazines.


ICN on the other hand, is an Australian body building organization founded in the 90s. They run 40 competitions a year and are focused not only on running competitions but also educating people about the dangers of obesity and unhealthy eating.

• Male Divisions.

Fitness model: Competitors here have to present themselves professionally as a model. Judges look for symmetry, body competition and stage presence as well as marketability.

Men’s physique: This contest is more than a bodybuilding competition as judges focus more on symmetry and body composition.

Bodybuilding: Compared to other divisions competitors here have the most muscle and bulk division. Judges look for muscularity, well-balanced physique and stage presence.

• Female categories.

Bikini model: Judges here prefer women with softer beach body and shouldn’t have six packs, stage presence and marketability is important.

Ms. Runway: Competitors here need to look fit in a long classy dress, they should possess confidence, excellent posing skills and symmetrical body structure.

Sports model: It is a category between bikini and fitness models, judges look for sportswear and shoes that compliment the competitors body.

Swimwear model: This is for competitors whose shape looks better in a one piece-outfit. Judges look for symmetry, beauty, body composition, stage presence and uniqueness.

Angels: It is open for all categories of women, they not only have to show an excellent body but also personality as well.

Fitness model: Judges look for muscularity, six pack and beauty. They also have to display their feminine personality.

Classic figure: This is more of a body building competition, judges look for overall symmetry, balance and excellent stage presentation.

Figure: Here, competitors have to show their muscularity as well as feminine side, good body structure and stage presentation.

Bodybuilding: Competitors here tend to have the most bulk and muscle in this competition.

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