Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid also known by the name CarnoSyn. It is famously named so because of its capability to increase the carnosine levels in muscles and help you work out at higher intensities. It is a highly consumed pre-workout supplement as it produces a certain rush and tingle every time you consume it before a workout. There is often a lot of confusion as to when is the best time to consume beta-alanine even though it works as a pre-workout supplement. This article might help you clear some doubts regarding its time of consumption.

Carnosine is required to be synthesized from beta-alanine by the body’s biological functions. Supplementing beta-alanine works like a fuel for this process to keep the level of carnosine high in the body. Therefore, taking the dose of beta-alanine at the right time is extremely important, because like many other supplements, when the supplement is provided at the right time it shows maximum benefits. Studies show that approximately 3-5 grams of beta-alanine throughout the day can significantly raise the carnosine level. Many trainers suggest taking beta-alanine before your exercise routine or before hitting the gym. This decreases the build-up of concentration of lactic acid in your muscles thereby helping you to gain more from the workout.

When you take beta-alanine as a pre-workout supplement you also get to enjoy the short-term benefits of the supplement. These benefits include improved concentration and central nervous system functioning. Since it stimulates a feeling of adrenaline, it is often advised not to consume beta-alanine before going to sleep or anytime during the night since the stimulant properties might pose difficulties in your sleeping pattern. However, the benefits of beta-alanine are directly proportional to the increasing concentration of carnosine, thus the time of consumption might not be as important as the consistency.
No matter at whatever time in the day you take beta-alanine, make sure you have eaten something before. Consumption of beta-alanine empty stomach will increase the chances of paraesthesia side effects. It is also extremely important to stick to the prescribed dosage to avoid all possible side effects.


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