What is an amino acid?

Amino acids are building blocks of protein. As protein is the further building block of muscles and muscles are the further building block of the body and confidence. But the worst part of essential amino acids aren’t prepared by our body on its own, the body needs to depend on the outer sources for amino acids. 

Nine out of twenty are essential amino acids in our body histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. These are the amino acid name that are categories under the essential amino acid.

Now the question is when essential amino acids don’t build up themself in the body, which is vital for the body, then from where we get them. For athletes and bodybuilders, many supplements are present in the market from a big brand, named brand.

But everyone who is not in the athletes and bodybuilding field, they require a standard amount of amino acids, cause too much intake of amino acid can be way more harmful to the body.

So the best way to get the standard amino acids are the natural food products that are present in the market.

But before that, we should know about the nine amino acids out of twenty which are essential amino acids, and in how much quantity we need them.

5 mg of tryptophan, 14 mg of histidine, 19 mg of isoleucine, 19 mg of methionine (plus cysteine), 20 mg of threonine, 24 mg of valine, 33 mg of phenylalanine (plus tyrosine)38 mg of lysine, 42 mg of leucine

Well, it is difficult to count the gram when you are eating and therefore, we keep a properly balanced diet.

Meat – Animal meat is the richest in the content of amino acid. Having a standard amount of meat in a day is can provide enough amount of entry of amino acid in the body.

Egg – An egg is neither counted in veg nor in no-veg. The egg is not less in providing a handsome amount of amino acid in the body.

Grain – Garin is the best option for vegetarian people and vegan people. Not everyone is comfortable with nog veg foods especially beef and pork, so grain works alternative for the allowing amino acid into the body.

Milk – There is nothing in which milk lack. From nutrition to calcium, milk provides everything that a human body needs. Milk is itself made up of some kind of acid call Lactic acid. Whey and casein are the main sources.

Fish oil – Even oils like fish oil and olive oil can also be counted in the source.

Apple – An apple is a miracle fruit that anyone can ask for. Apple is rich in Malic acid. Apple is also there if you need amino acids for the body. Apart from apples, there are many fruits that lead to amino acids.

If you notice all the sources are also the main source of protein too. As proving how amino acid is essential for building protein and providing protein direction and helping them to build.


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