Our life is overweight with responsibilities, expectations, workload, and weight. The good news here is that one overweight thing in our life is totally under our control i.e our body weight. Looking in the mirror when a perfect dress can’t fit your beautiful body somewhere makes you feel a little insecure, but remember every weight is perfectly fine until it starts causing health problems and there you need to take strict action cause health is wealth. Gyming, yoga, and exercise are superb for losing weight can also say, ninja technique and this ninja technique look more successful when done by Ninja Hattori, similarly, a healthy diet is just like Hattori. Gyming, Yoga, and exercise become more beneficial when a healthy diet is added.
NOTE – Dieting not only means cutting down the food but adding some essentials. Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

1. Vegan Diet – “The diet of the rich” is also another knowing phase of the Vegan Diet. Vegan Diet is a kind of diet that excludes all non-veg foods and products related to animals. Vegan diet essentials are – fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, etc. vegan diets reduce more weight in comparison to calories restricted diets.
2. The Ultra-Low-Fat-diet – This diet does not allow you to gain more than 10% calories from fat. The involvement of protein is near to very low but rich in crabs. It is strictly followed as per a chart and also cuts down the consumption of animal foods.
3. Ornish Diet – Ornish diet is a little different, in this not only Changement of your food occur but also in your daily life routine, removing saturated fats and adds vegetables and fruits apart from this Ornish diet add mediation and investment of time with love ones.
4. Raw food Diet – As the name itself suggests, that foods here are not cooked, microed, confectioned. Food is never heated more than 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit as cooked foods are harmful. Raw food diet is not an easy diet to follow. This diet provides fewer calories, therefore, lead to weight loss.
5. The Mediterrane Diet – Mediterian food is used to cultured food from countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece. In this diet all the unhealthy consumption of food from a to z has been thrown out, lienuet here is on moderate duration eggs, cheese, and yogurt is allowed to take.
6. Intermittent Fasting – Eating food on alternate dates, but the best is two days in a week keeping fasting. In these fruits and sprouts are utilized for maintaining daily energy and one huge meal at night.


In the above-discussed diet, the thing we notice is that animal fats are totally restricted and vegetables and fruits are more favourable. Not only does taking a beautiful diet lead to weight loss, but there are also many other external and internal factors that should be kept in mind.

NOTE – Don’t start any diet randomly, get through check-ups, and if the doctor prescribes you
to lose weight then concern yourself with which diet will be best.


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