What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid, now what is an amino acid? The amino acid is an organic compound to form, when protein gets digested in our body amino acid is left. 

Glutamine works for protein in the building block.

 Glutamine is present in two form 

  •   L-glutamine
  •   D-glutamine

Now the question is which out of two L-glutamine and D-glutamine which is best.

L-glutamine – L-glutamine is categorized as a non-essential amino acid. Although the L-glutamine can be produced by the body itself in a sufficient amount and hardly require other market supplements, still the human body is a human body, deficiency of the L-glutamine in the body be common.

L-glutamine is counted as one of the most powerful amino acids and is great for intestinal health as it works as an energy giver to the tissue present in the intestine.  

Therefore problem-related to the stomach then L-glutamine is best for the recovery.

L-glutamine is famous or intaking at the time of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) 

A body can gain L-glutamine from food like egg, beef, milk, tofu, etc. Count on animal meat for gaining L-glutamine. 

D-glutamine – “Unimportant” tag that D-glutamine has for living organisms. But still has involvement in many metabolic processes. It carries nitrogen in the body and also acts as a source of energy for many cells.    

D-glutamine is like peon in school and colleges, have nothing to do with teaching but for stuff like taking one file from to other desks, providing small helps in the staff room. 

D-glutamine is best renowned as a chemical compound. It has much more name in the field of chemistry than in biology for a living organism. 

Therefore many people refer to say Glutamine and L-glutamine in the same sense. As glutamine is highly beneficial in healing injuries.

So, which glutamine is best?  

The answer is glutamine is best. We saw L-glutamine and glutamine are considered the same, while D-glutamine is not given any attention as it has not much fieldwork in reference to protein.

Though Glutamine is best for the body that doesn’t mean it can’t have the worst side effect. If glutamine is taken from a natural source then it is perfect, but if a supplement from the market is taken then caution is important. 


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