Which is better: Nutrisystem Or Medifast

Both Medifast and Nutrisystem offer a weight loss program of prepared meals and snacks but Medifast reviews score high in comparison to Nutrisystem.

It offers more options for medical needs and dietary restrictions and doctors created it. It provides prepared meals and meal plans to meet your specific health and dietary needs, including for nursing moms and those with diabetes.

Nutrisystem also has specialized plans for vegetarians, seniors, men’s and diabetics, but does not have a gluten-free option available like the Medifast.

Medifast is best for quick results and can be maintained for a long time.

According to the article by consumer affairs, doctors and physicians developed it. It offers full meal plans for adults, teens and special dietary for diabetes patients, nursing moms, people with gout, vegetarians.

Nutrisystem is best for long-term weight loss but not to be maintained for a long time

Still there is not such research for long term weight loss. However, it’s low-calorie diet plans. It feature both pre-selected and customized diet plan with more than 150 pre-packaged food options. Customers can benefit from an online health tracking platform and individualized counseling from dieticians and weight loss coaches.

Compared to Nutrisystem, Medifast helps you to lose weight faster, but Nutrisystem’s plan may be better able to help you develop healthy habits because it includes more fresh foods.

How Medifast Works

The Medifast Five and One Plan includes five packaged Medifast meals and one Lean and Green Meal that you prepare. You get about 900 calories per day, and Medifast claims you can lose 2 to 5 pounds per week on the program.

How Nutrisystem works

Once a week, it delivers your meals and snacks to your home, and you supplement them with your own fresh food purchases. The diet can help you lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week.


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