Brief knowledge about quinoa 

Quinoa is a seed but eaten like a grain and is not very old in the area of the health district. 

Quinoa is rich in protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and dietary minerals in comparison to many other grains. 

And it has been a part of the diet in South America for a very long time. 

There are a total of 120 varieties of Quinoa out of which three Black, red, and white are famous.

Which quinoa is best?

If you ask a child who does he/she love more mom or dad. Whom do you think the child will choose. It is a more difficult question for a child, cause he/she loves both of their parents. There is no comparison between a mother and a father. Even a child turns into a young teenager or gets into the 20s or even itself becomes a parent will never figure out whom she/she loves more.  

In the same way, choosing the best between Red quinoa and White Quinoa is difficult. Cause situations change priorities. And the priorities define the ‘BEST’

Red Quinoa – Got the name RED cause of their brownish texture but also the presence of violet color.  Red Quinoa is gluten-free (gluten intolerance may cause Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, and Smelly Feces, Abdominal Pain Headaches, Feeling Tired, etc.) and is a great option for Celiac disease (a kind of digestion disorder). It is counted in one of those plant food which contains all nine amino acids including lysine. Red Quinoa is accepted as a source of complete protein. Also having the name in antioxidant red quinoa repairs and protect the cell caused by free radical. It can support the body to fight against heart disease. Red Quinoa is a nuttier flavor and takes extra time to get cooked. It can be used as a substitute for rice, can be sprinkled over salad and oats.  

White Quinoa – Said to be the most common color of quinoa.  It has the lightest texture with a delicate taste. In comparison to other White Quinoa can be cooked fast. White Quinoa requires less water. White quinoa has not much different from red quinoa only the color is the things that differentiate them. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins, providing protein and amino acids in a great amount. 


Red quinoa and White quinoa both are best on their terms. Again there can be no comparison and proving one of the best. There is some difference between the number of proteins, fibers, vitamins. Both are the best, depending upon the usage and taste, and of course the personal preference. 


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