Which WW Plan Is Best For Weight Loss ?

Who doesn’t want to lose weight ? Infact, everyone wants to be healthy and in perfect shape. But, one needs to follow a certain routine to get healthy. Here a question arises: How could we plan all this ? Therefore, this is where WW (Weight Watchers) comes to the rescue.

Weight loss is not a joke. We all know that it takes a lot of effort to achieve it. Also, one needs to make necessary changes in their diet. For instance, fruits and vegetables are there in every diet list. Thankfully, we have a platform that indeed helps us in achieving it. And it is none other than Weight Watchers.  

Weight Watchers is a program that is helpful in achieving weight loss. It is an application that supports live sessions via Connect. One can track their fitness journey using the SmartPoints Budget. This budget works on the basis of points given to various food items. In addition to that, it also suggests healthy recipes. Moreover, WW tells you which healthy restaurant is nearby.

The WW plan is classified into 3 parts- Green, Blue and Purple. Every diet plan has its importance. The green plan aims to lose weight using unprocessed food. The blue plan includes a little more than the green plan. Lastly, the purple plan lets you have cereals and grains of your selection. For fast weight loss, the green plan suits the best.

The Weight Watchers Green Plan

The Green Plan is the most suitable beginners plan for fast weight loss. The plan consists of almost 100+ foods that have zero points. It has a list of healthy foods of your choice. It updates the list every single day. This feature makes the app flexible.

It has a whole lot of recipes of some really amazing delicacies. Not only this, but it also helps in planning meals. Furthermore, it tells us the importance of all superfoods. The reasons are enlisted in a good and presentable manner. Finally, the foods mentioned in the list have high nutritive value. 

Sample Weight Watchers Green Plan Menu

DAY 1 (from a WW Green Plan Brochure)


Mini bagel with 1 tbsp whipped cream cheese and sliced tomato, plus ½ cup orange juice


1 cup curry-lime chicken salad served on a toasted open-face English muffin, plus a mixed green salad with 1½ tbsp vinaigrette  


Medium latte (12 fl oz) made with low-fat milk

Basil-spinach dip and pita chips


Roasted chicken with squash and peppers

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