Who Is Michael Vazquez ?

Michael Vazquez is a sponsored athlete. Not only this, but he is also a breakdancer, fitness model and a couch. He is from Inglewood, which is situated in California. He endured a lot of tough times in his early life. But ultimately, he came out as a diamond with his uncontrollable sheen and success. Thus, let’s get to how his story started.

We all have seen Michael as a fitness model. But this is not what he was before. Actually, he was never really into fitness in his early days. Moreover, his father’s early death brought tremendous changes in his life. He couldn’t handle the most impeccable loss of his life. Consequently, he indulged himself in alcohol in order to kill depression.

Due to alcohol consumption, he became obese. Also, poor nutrition and improper sleep contributed to this. Already, he had self esteem issues in life because of his father’s death. But now, there was another reason to have low esteem- obesity. He suffered from a lot of health issues. He was totally unhappy with his existence and the way he was living his life.

The Breakthrough Stage Of Michael Vazquez

Michael realized that he needed to change the scenario in order to be happy. Also, he had a young son to look after. He didn’t want to give his son the sort of life he went through. He wanted to give him the best of everything. Moreover, he didn’t want to cast the shadow of his ill habits on the little child. Thus, he tried to take the prompt steps for this upcoming life.

He realized that he could achieve his dream life through fitness. Moreover, fitness would turn his overweight body into a healthy one. For this, he made a plan. He sought help from the nearby gyms. Also, he engaged in online videos to seek help. Ultimately, after a lot of practice and hard work, he was able to achieve what he wanted. 

Michael’s fitness routine is a combination of different workout forms. For instance, breakdancing, calisthenics and bodybuilding are the crucial aspects of his fitness regime. Also, these forms form the base of a hardcore physique. His videos are very effective and practical. Furthermore, one would definitely enjoy practicing these forms. 

One of the striking features of Michael Vazquez is that he is a self-motivated person. It’s unfortunate that he had no one to seek motivation from. But this turned him into a great individual with some really great skills.

SOURCE: Great Physiques

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