The Whole 30 diet is a trendy diet in the class of health and fitness. Totally heart rob type of dieting camp.

This diet is followed for 30 days and changes can be felt more than seen.  

In this diet, a person has to eliminate many things and focus on extra healthy things. Taking care of your health is important in every stage of life.

Cancer is something which we wished not even our enemy encounters. Doesn’t your heat fell deep down hearing about it and a shiver of sympathy runs for the infected person to cancer. But what if we are infected or our loved one, it destroys the person from fear most then original disease.

If our body is a prince and our soul is a princess then cancer is a villain that is harming the princess and only if our body wants to fight can win against the villain, but before it gets too late. 

So many things are suggested and many actions are taken for curing cancer and Whole 30 diets can be a small step for it. 

Let’s first know what no to intake in Whole 30 diets

1. No sugar – No means no. sugar in the kitchen whether artificial or natural.

2. No to toxic – Alcohol, tobacco, cigarette throw them, or ignore them, take control yourself.

3.  No to Grains 

4. No forms of legumes

5. No to dairy 

What you can have

1. Meat

2. Poultry

3. Fish

4. Veggies

5. Fruits

6. Fats

Whole 30 diets is a lifestyle changing healthy diet. 

A person requires strong willpower than any medicines and treatment to defeat cancer and Whole 30 diets can do it. 

Although foods remove much substance which is healthy on the other hand it brings your focus on extra healthy foods. 

Not gonna lie cancer paitents have to take more than extra care of their diet and therefore cheating on the diet can lead to cheating with your life. 

This diet is already very friendly and nutrients can easily prepare your diet chart by keeping your favorites foods (if allowed in the diet). 

It takes time to end things on good terms.

By chance, if you are having cancer or your loved one having cancer, the first thing put in mind is not to give up at any cost. 

Apart from medicines, diet daily exercise, yoga is a must for making the body strong and fighting against the cancer devil.


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