Cause living healthy life costs nothing much, Just your time. Aerobic is good for you because giving quality of time to your body is good. Aerobic is good for you because daily sitting at one place and remaining inactive is not good for you, eating junk food is not good for you, your unhealthy body is not good for you. 

Aerobic is simply doing mild intensive exercise which is highly beneficial to lungs and heart, as aerobic exercise works on the flow of oxygen in the body.

Aerobic exercise is just like an investment and insurance that you make for your body and enjoy the return on investment for life long. And there is no chance of having a scam. All you will get is a happy life.

  1. Weight – The most common reason for which we all adopt any exercise. Aerobic is one count for building proper and fitted weight for the body. It helps the body to burn extra useless calories and make oxygen to reach every part of the body.
  2. Mental health – This generation is much more affected by mental health than physical health. Aerobics also provides emotional control over it. The hormones that release affect your brain and give you the power to fight against all the mental overthinking. Turn your mood happy-happy. And also add as a plus point in your beauty sleep.
  3. Safe from dangerous disease – Aerobic acts as a blanket against cold diseases. Heart problems, lung problems, diabetes, cancer, etc horrible health problems remain out from the body. As aerobic is all about the heart and lungs. 
  4. Increase strength – Gets easily tired. At the age of 20s, you are having back pain like an old grandpa. Looking for a lift just to reach the second or third floor. Then you should know you are a weak and tired person. Aerobics will help you to strengthen your body. The power of your grip increase and by that you can open the water bottle’s cap of your crush and impress her, while ladies can put #girlpower. 
  5.  Luxury life – If you have read the book of highly successful people and saw their interview, about how they become a success the very first thing they say “I woke up early and do some exercise.” Who knows one day you are successful and also get a chance to  share your secret of success by telling “I used you do aerobic” 
  6. Glow on the face – Ultimately everything will be visible on your face ad body. You are confident with your body weight. Your shining face because of purity and no toxic min body. Natural beauty is what you will get as a comment. 


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