Why antioxidants bad for you

How can you have too much antioxidants?

However, preliminary research shows a few ways in which having too much antioxidants might harm humans.

You require a specific amount of reactive chemicals in order to keep your immune system in balance. In addition, researchers are increasingly understanding that free radicals are the sole thing that activates certain signalling pathways within cells. Dosing up on anti-oxidants may be putting your body out of whack and impairing its ability to perform its functions.

Oxidants may actually worsen lung cancer and melanoma. Free radicals, it appears, are actively preventing cells from becoming malignant in some way. Having too many antioxidants interferes with free radicals’ ability to fight cancer.

To produce cellular stress, exercise appears to rely on certain free radicals as well. New research suggests excessive antioxidant intake may interfere with the health advantages you receive from physical activity.

Mediterranean diet
Why antioxidants bad for you.

Wait, antioxidants don’t protect you from disease?

We already know that people who eat foods high in antioxidants are healthier, which is where this entire frenzy started. Part of it is probably due to the fact that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (your major source of antioxidants) also have other healthy behaviours (and tend to be wealthier and whiter, both of which are big factors in your health). Furthermore, such fruits and vegetables are beneficial to your health for additional reasons, such as their high fibre content and lack of processed components.

Multiple large studies have looked at whether antioxidant supplementation was linked to a lower risk of anything from cancer to stroke to heart disease, and they’ve all come to the same conclusion: it doesn’t matter. Taking an antioxidant supplement won’t assist you unless you have a deficit in that antioxidant. And it might be harmful in the event of lung cancer and melanoma. Once again, there is no magic substance or activity that will make you healthy: the greatest approach to decrease your risk of disease is to consume a balanced diet and be as active as possible.

What is the definition of an antioxidant?

In terms of nutrition, an antioxidant is any substance capable of acting as an electron donor. Still remember chemistry class from high school? A free radical is just a molecule with a single electron in its outer shell. Remember, this is a lot of chemical language but it’s necessary to grasp what’s actually going on within your body. So please bear with us for a moment.

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