Why become an ifbb pro?


If you’ve spent countless years putting yourself through hell at the gym, you might be looking for a true reward for your efforts. You’ve seen others succeed in the heavyweight division, and now you want a piece of the action. But how do you get your hands on an IFBB Pro card? Here are a few pointers on how to make it happen.

How to become a proffessional?

Getting to a professional level is tough; only a small handful reach the summit every year. There are many areas you’ll need to master pre-contest as well as during; from perfecting your diet to posing, oiling, and shaving. Find one most suited to your bodybuilding aims and physique, so you’ll have a solid end goal in mind.

The first stage for any aspiring bodybuilder is to enter and win or finish high in a regional contest for your weight class. The victor will earn the ultimate prize and pick up an IFBB Pro Card.

Depending on the country you’re competing in, it’s possible to earn a Pro Card from winning your weight class, even if you don’t end up as the overall champ. Attempting to get an IFBB Pro Card will present a journey-and-a-half, and at times may feel like you’re walking a tight-rope in the dark.

A bodybuilder must receive an IFBB Pro card in order to become an IFBB Pro. A bodybuilder must win a regional contest weight class to receive the card. They’ll be invited to a national championship as a result of this. If you win overall champion at the contest, you may be eligible for an IFBB Pro card, depending on the federation.

The National Championships is a United States organization that can award pro cards to winners in the heavyweight and super heavyweight categories. There are three contests held by NPC where you can earn a pro card: The National Championships, North American Championships, and the USA Championships. If you place top five at one of these three events you must do one of two things.


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