Bodybuilding is booming across India. It has always been famous in India. Bollywood stars have played a great role in popularizing workouts.
Now, bodybuilding competitions and gyms are popping up almost everywhere from small towns to megacities.

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through the combination of weight training, increased caloric intake, and rest.
Competitive Bodybuilding is a sport where fitness enthusiasts and athletes attempt to develop and maintain the perfect muscular body.
Bodybuilding requires years of dedication, discipline, and hard work. As a hobby to get the desired physique, bodybuilding isn’t quite expensive, as the only budget is for a gym membership, few supplements, and good quality of food. However, bodybuilding gets expensive when one becomes serious about it. If you plan to enter competitive bodybuilding, then it can get pretty expensive.
Before deciding to compete, we have to first make sure whether we can afford it or not.
It is expensive because we have a lot of areas to spend our money on :

Even if we know a lot about training and nutrition, hiring a coach is important so as to develop a good strategy for the preparation. A coach can give you a strategy to execute exercises that are based on an assessment of your physique. Even if you are close to obtaining your ideal physique, a coach is still needed to help you dial in on your nutrition strategy.

Many coaches will include the posing lessons in their pricing package, but it could never be enough. Posing is the most difficult aspect of contest preparations. So, even if group practicing seems scary, it helps you to understand the logistics of what will happen on the stage.

Everybody needs a tan. Even if you are already dark, you need the tan. It’s always better to go with the tanning company that is provided in the competition so you could get the same color as others.

Professional athletes and bodybuilders take supplements to improve performance and muscle gain. Some supplements in the markets are effective and some are not. But the most effective ones are not always cheap.

Competition fee will include your organization membership, entry fee, crossover fee, drug testing, and tickets/passes, and travel and hotel reservations.
Bodybuilding maintains a strategy that includes a combination of resistance weight training and a customized nutritional plan. The importance of nutrition comes into play as muscles grow, are injured, and are repaired during the bodybuilding process. For the body to properly heal itself, a customized diet is a must. Generally, bodybuilding competitors eat a larger number of meals per day but in smaller quantities.
So if one’s goal is to build 16 or above 16-inch arm in a lean mode, then yeah, it will definitely cost you more; especially if you live in India
because the food supplements are much more expensive here. Approximately it will cost a beginner around 5k-10k per month.
Let’s see what Maharasthra’s Shree Suhas Khamkar, the first Indian to win Mr. Asia title, has spoken about bodybuilding being expensive:
According to him, bodybuilding is made an expensive sport by the bodybuilders themselves. Earlier, bodybuilding used to have natural foods but now because of the competition and the availability of supplements, one opts for costly, expensive supplements over solid meals.
In my opinion, fitness enthusiasts who do not want to try bodybuilding competitions can do pretty good even without costly supplements.
However, it is important to decide on your priorities and set your goals accordingly.


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