Why Do Glutes Hurt Without Exercise ?

Also called Gluteal muscles, glutes are the support system of our body. They provide strength to our skeletal system. However, it is seen that our glutes hurt suddenly. Our sedentary habits have made our body lazy, now our buttocks are tight and sore. And we all know how important exercise is for our daily life. But why do glutes hurt without exercise ? This article would be covering all the possible reasons behind the soreness of glutes.

why do glutes hurt without exercise

Firstly, what are glutes ? The big muscles of the buttocks are called glutes. They have several roles in our body. Infact, they have a great role in improving and fixing the right posture for us. They contribute to a flexible and strong body. 

Gluteal muscles count under the list of prominent muscles. It is difficult to imagine our life without them. They are of great use in locomotion and movement. It is important to take care of them. There are many things that we do in our day-to-day life, which leads to sore glutes.

Why Do Glutes Hurt Without Exercise ?

Technology has made our lives easier. But it has also made us very lazy. Sitting in one position leads to painful buttocks. Also, too much exercise is harmful for our gluteal muscles. We need to create a balance between nothing and too much in order to get healthy glutes. Also, exercising is an important factor to get flexible glutes.  

Now that you got the answer of why glutes hurt without exercise, let us go to the next step. It is important to figure out how to prevent this condition. The gluteal muscles form the framework of the hips. They help in hip rotation. Moreover, they are responsible for walking, running and other related activities. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them before it is too late.

why do glutes hurt without exercise

There are several symptoms that tell us of our tight glutes. Tight and sore hips is one such sign. Others could be slow, prolonged pain arising in the region of the lower back. Gluteal pain also affects knee joints and the pelvis. It gets difficult to walk or move. 

It may seem like a never-ending pain. But this is not the case. The answer lies in the question itself: exercise. Exercising on a daily basis could be a lot of relief. Furthermore, it could be difficult for some to exercise. In that case, stretching or basic warmup is enough to give you the much needed movement. 

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