Why Egg Yolk is not eaten much?

There’s still an ongoing debate on eggs and which parts of eggs should be consumed for acquiring their health benefits. Some people consider including a whole egg as a part of the meal plan, while others usually tend to discard the yolk to only include the egg whites. Eggs are believed to be popular sources of protein because of the egg whites, however, the yolk is often ignored by people. But why is it so? This article aims to clear the myths and misconceptions revolving around this topic.

A whole egg consists of two components, the egg white, and the egg yolk. The egg white is the outer white layer of the egg famous for its protein content, while egg yolk is the innermost yellowish-orange part known to be rich in various other nutrients. The popular belief in discarding the yolk is due to its apparent high cholesterol content, which is considered unhealthy for consumption. Chemically cholesterol is a waxy substance found in various processed and fried foods and is linked to numerous heart diseases. An excess of cholesterol can restrict blood flow and result in high blood pressure, and hence various heart-related diseases.

On average a single yolk is known to contain 200-210 milligrams of cholesterol. However, studies suggest that regular consumption of eggs is known to decrease the levels of bad cholesterol simultaneously increasing the amount of good cholesterol. Although an egg yolk might contain slightly higher amounts of cholesterol, it is also known to have a higher nutrition-to-fat ratio, various vitamins, and fatty acids. According to the American Heart Association, around 300 milligrams is the maximum limit of cholesterol intake for a normal person and 200 milligrams for people suffering from heart disease or diabetes. Therefore, if consumed in appropriate amounts, eggs do not raise your cholesterol levels, rather provide you with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and minerals like iron, potassium, folate, choline, and vitamins like A, E, and B.

There are still many people divided on the opinion of consuming egg yolks. However, not scientifically proven yolks do not tend to harm your body in any way. Additionally, the benefits of the eggs are worth only if one consumes them as a whole, discarding the yolk might make you lose out on some essential nutrients. Therefore, we suggest you consume the whole eggs to receive their maximum benefits.

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