The opportunity to never leave the comfort of your home, avoid distractions and really stick to your fitness goals is no longer a dream, but an option. Most often the hardest part is getting ourselves out the door, a home gym solves that issue. A home gym is your personal space. You can draw and conceptualize the entire project based on your interests. You can customize it from the décor, the equipment down to the music. But first and foremost, the most essential part is understanding your fitness goals. What’s your reason and how far are you willing to go? 

Typically, a home gym needs to have an excellent air circulation system in place additionally, an adequate set of equipment for you to use needs to be in place. Once you have the basics ready, you’re good to go. Followed by which things like the flooring and the wall, and how you’d like to customize it. 

Here are few designs ideas for the next time you want inspiration : 

  1. Garage Gym – Push the car out of your garage and you’ve got yourself gym space. Set up the equipment you want and you can stop there. But we love to personalize and call something ours. Be it your gym inspired, CrossFit inspired, Boho inspired or even Barbie inspired. Make it yours. 
  2. Machine corner – If there’s a chance that you may not exactly have a whole garage or room for you to convert. Don’t worry, pick any corner of your room. Set up a few dumbbells, resistance bands and a yoga mat. With a slightly bigger space, you can set up a cycle or a treadmill. This will help you prioritize working out first thing in the morning.
  3. Attic/ Basement – You can easily convert an unused portion of your home. Be it the attic or the basement, with a few pieces of equipment and maybe a wall of quotes you’re on your way to reaching those goals. 
  4. Traditional Home Gym – You can always opt for an entire room just for you to exercise. It can consist of a wide range of equipment or can be a yoga studio or a pilates studio or zumba room. 

No matter what kind of gym you choose to opt for, remember, the location does not matter. Don’t wait for a gym to start working out. Just start. That being said, if you are the kind of person who loves a chic and elegant look, a bohemian or rustic look, a modern set-up, or anything in between you can always personalize your space. It is for you to optimize best therefore can 

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