Why Is Warm Up Before Running Important ?

Warmup is an important part of the workout routine. Infact, no workout starts without a warmup. It enhances your overall performance and credibility. And running is a form of fast-paced and vigorous workout. One should definitely warm up before running. So, let’s see how important it is to warm up before running and how to do it in the most appropriate way.

What is Warm-up ? It is a form of pre-workout where we prepare our body for a workout session. Normally, our body is in a state of rest. It is important to wake our body up to get it ready for exercise. An external force is essential to activate all the muscles, nerves and senses for working out. Thus, warmup is crucial.

Warm Up Before Running

What does a warm up consist of ? It usually comprises some micro-exercises. For instance, slow but brisk walk, gentle movement of arms and shoulders, slow rotation of neck, kicking a few times, rotation of our buttocks, etc. fall under the category of warmup. These small exercises are very powerful and influential. They tend to activate our body muscles in the most relaxing way ever. Also, one should perform them for at least 10 minutes to make your body ready for any sort of workout.

What are the benefits of doing warm up ? Warm up forms the first and foremost thing of a workout regime. It ensures that your body gets ready for workout without causing any sort of harm to it. Moreover, it makes sure that an adequate amount of oxygen gets available to the entire body for its cellular activities. Consequently, our body won’t go into an oxygen deficit while increasing the pace of workout. Besides, it forms an essential component for maintaining flexibility and strength levels of the body.

Warm Up Before Running

A nice and effective session of warm up before running can lower the risk of getting injuries. It also takes your athletic performance to another level, higher than the previous one. For power athletes and professional runners, 15-20 minutes to an hour of powerful yet gentle warmup is momentous. Warmup can actually match the levels of your heart rate and blood pressure to the desired level of your workout requirement. If it is absent, then it may cause cramps in your body or could also lead to further injuries.

Things To Keep In Mind During Warm Up

  • At least 10 minutes of warm up is a must.
  • Start slowly and gradually, then build up the momentum.
  • Stop immediately if you are in pain.
  • If you are stretching, then do it symmetrically. For instance, if you went for a right hand stretch, then left hand stretch is equally important.
  • If you are running out of breath, then slow down a bit to catch it as soon as you can.

SOURCE: Tricitymed

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