Doing exercise daily is a very good thing. This what we have been listening to for a long time and indeed it is true. Imagine having nobody problem, no disease, no aging health problem you are living your life to the fullest at every age of life. Well!!! Sounds great and beautiful. 

So, the question is why it is important to complete a variety of exercise when working out, so think about it why it is necessary to have sambhar with dosa, chutney with samosa, chavval with daal all these are mostly taken together for enhancing the taste of our food. In the same way, paired with a variety of exercises is required.

Do we like eating the same kind of food daily? A rational person will say no, whether that food is your favorite or not. At some stage, we will get bored with that food and wish for something else, so in order no to get bore and maintaining our love for our favorite food we eat new things daily.

Doing a variety of exercise never make you feel bored. Different types of exercise will bring different benefits and advantages. You can even see the fast evolution of your desired result. One is never enough to fight but two can be, three can be, four can be and like n number definitely can be. 

For the different body parts different moves and focus require and therefore many kinds of exercise focusing on different are of the body is performed. It benefits muscles and tones the body in a curvy way. 

And we human loves variety, this can be the biggest reason for doing a variety of exercise. Different exercises different advantages and benefits. 

When you complete a proper set of a variety of exercise, your body gets the full potential energy and focus that is required. It keeps challenging the body and allows us to overcome various stages of unfitness to fitness.

It maximizes the ability to stretch and flexibility and the potential to keep going. It keeps us mentally and physically more healthy. 

It is a great way of investing your health for a long time and to enjoy a long time return forever.


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