Why PEMF therapy can help athletes?

Athletes can enhance their performance with PEMF therapy, it can recharge cells and increase their energy by up to 500%, as well improve circulation and stimulate metabolism. In this way, PEMF therapy can help athletes strengthen joints and tissues to reach their full potential enormously. Additionally, tests have shown PEMF therapy can improve standing balance indicating enhanced neurologic muscular control and nervous system adaption.

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Benefits of PEMF for athletes

PEMF therapy not only balances brain chemistry, but also stabilizes and improves neurological reflexes, thereby improving reaction time. In a word, PEMF therapy can improve strength, speed, agility and range of motion. If applied as a brain stimulant, PEMF therapy can also help quickness, coordination and mental acuity soar. People have reported up to 60-70% improvement in overall performance after a few weeks of using PEMF therapy. At the competitive level, even a 1% improvement in performance can be the difference between winning and losing.

Reduction in recovery time for athletes

PEMF therapy can help athletes reduce the risk of sports injuries and recover more quickly. Researches demonstrate that PEMF therapy reduces the production of lactic acid and stimulates a process called myosin phosphorylation, helping athletes recover as fast as possible from exhausting training and competitions. It’s been found that PEMF therapy can induce the production of heat shock proteins to reduce tissue damage. Unfortunately, injuries at different levels are common among almost all athletes, the therapy provides substantial pain relief to the injured athletes and optimizes the natural healing mechanisms in their bodies.

Nutrition during PEMF therapy

Nutrition is also important for athletes. many athletes take nutritional supplements every day according to the direction of their nutritionists. PEMF therapy affects the charge of the cell membrane and opens up the membrane channels. These channels are the doors and windows of our body cells. Thus, the cells can absorb nutrients more efficiently when athletes are exposed to PEMF.


PEMF is beneficial for the mental health of athletes. It can stimulate the brain and help athletes boost morale, interest and enthusiasm. This therapy aids athletes to deal with the mental stress experienced during some of the cut-throat competitions. In addition, it can reduce headaches, migraines and other disorders that affect the mental condition of athletes, helping them focus on competitions and trainings.

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