Any sport or physical exercise can provide you with a well-built athletic body. However, recently the trend is shifting more towards building a muscular strong body, and therefore exercises involving weights have gained popularity. Powerlifting is one such form of
exercise that revolves around lifting heavyweights. It is usually performed in three sets of lifts namely, bench press, deadlift, and squat. Such heavy forms of exercise were previously advised for men participating in weightlifting competitions; however, it is no more male-dominated exercise and all genders are allowed to enjoy it equally. For a beginner, or in fact, for anyone engaged in powerlifting, it is usually suggested to undertake it in the presence of a certified trainer, because the chances of getting injured while lifting and working with heavyweights is usually high. Being such an extreme form of exercise, it also provides the performer with equally extreme benefits. Here are a few of them, to get a gist of why powerlifting is good for you.

1. Stronger bones

Powerlifting can be classified as a weight-bearing exercise, which involves loading an excessive amount of weight on your bones. Any form of weight-bearing exercise is instrumental in providing you stronger bones in the long run. This is because bones are capable of growing throughout your lifetime, and engaging in weight lifting causes the osteoblasts in your bone to produce new bone mass. The more the bone mass, the denser and stronger are the bones in the long run, which is essential because a person starts to lose bone density as he ages. Consequently, denser bones reduce any type of bone injuries like fractures, in case of any severe accidents in old age.

2. Reduce fat

Since powerlifting is a physically demanding exercise, it tends to take up a lot of your calories, resulting in weight loss or reduced-fat. It involves lifting up hundreds of pounds and thus require a lot of strength and energy to do so, if a person’s body does not have enough calories to be converted into energy required for lifting, the body naturally turns to its fat reserves for the required energy. This process results in fat loss and consequently, a person loses weight. Studies show that a powerlifter has 10% more calorie intake than a regular person in the gym. Additionally, powerlifting also tends to accelerate your metabolism, pacing your calorie-burning process.

3. Improved posture

Besides strengthening, powerlifting is known for the overall development of the body. Engaging in powerlifting increases your overall core strength with an increased ability to hold an upright posting thus providing you with a better body posture. A better
posture and strong core, consequently help in reducing spinal problems and injuries. Powerlifting exercises like bench press, deadlift and squat, work on the overall strength of your body when performed appropriately. They engage your abdomen, strengthening your core and spine.

Powerlifting is not an easy task to get involved in. It is an eccentric sport that combines the strengthening of your bones and core by engaging in weight training. It nourishes you with an improved physical and mental health, which is essential for our body in the long term. Powerlifting can therefore be named as one of the best ways to maintain a sustainable body for a lifetime using a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. However, it is recommended to start with light lifting and suggest to a physician or a trainer if you decide to seriously get involved in weight training.


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