Just like your house isn’t only your house, but also a house of your mini bonsai plant, house
of a beautiful aquarium with fishes inside, house your pet, sometimes also a house of spider,
lizards, ants, and dust too. Similarly, protein powder is not just a powder of protein; calcium,
vitamins are also there with some chemicals and preservatives too.
The reason we take protein is for our muscle strength, loss of body weight, and belly too, for
the purpose of recovering from injury in the body.
Eggs, chicken, beef, dairy products like milk and cheese, etc. walnuts, almond, green
vegetables, flax seeds and etc.
Many times when the body is not able to absorb the required amount of protein from the
food, or the body lack in the consumption of protein for various reasons, or might be being
an athlete or bodybuilders require more protein than as a supplement of protein is a protein
shake. It will also indirectly allow your body to stay hydrated as protein shake is made with
water so that’s how your body also gets expose to an extra amount of water and keep the
body hydrated.
For whenever the body needs the protein like after or before the workouts, a person
can’t sit and eat protein food. Like just after ending up practice a player sat to eat eggs. The
body won’t able to digest it and neither it will look and feel satisfying.
Sometimes your body doesn’t ask for protein in a frame of diet, they demand to be taken
apart from the diet too.
Taking protein shake is good can be explained like – your body is an organization and all the
minerals, vitamins, calcium, nutrition, etc are an employee of the organization, now in your
the organization the protein department’ employees are lacking or require more workers there
meanwhile, your daily diet is doing recruitment based on a daily diet. Knowing the lack
of organization in the protein department, when the essential protein is recruited the
the organization started growing, i.e your body starts to grow.
Protein shake doesn’t take much time to break down like protein available in daily diet food.
It makes orientation work easy and protein shake immediately brings visible results.
In protein shake not only your body will get pleasure from the protein, but also the additional
nutrition and minerals will come along.
If protein shake is made at home then it is more beneficial and effective, although in a
market packed protein shakes are available claiming to best for you if you can’t make your
own protein shake at home then easily purchase from the market but do the thorough
studies of the ingredient as the presence of chemicals may be an allergy for you or harmful.


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