Why Weight Watchers program don’t work?

Weight watchers are a very popular diet program aimed to carry out sustainable weight loss practices. A tool that is used to promote health and wellbeing. This program aims to inculcate healthy consumption habits. In this system, every food is part of a point system that varies according to the person and their goals. Weight loss is never an easy process. More often people look for quick fixes rather than maintainable long-term lifestyle changes.

Weight loss depends on so many different factors. Sometimes, we tend to overlook many of these or even one major factor which acts as a hindrance in our journey. Weight watchers like any other fitness scheme are not a quick or magic fix. Results come from following certain instructions and listening to your body. It can’t be referred to as a diet. To an extent, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s time for some serious evaluation if you are unable to lose weight even while following WW.

11 Reasons Why Real Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

Reasons why you are not losing weight :

  1. Not working out – Yes, being in a caloric deficit leads to weight loss. Most people don’t have to exercise to lose wight. But moving your body enough is so essential. Be it for weight loss or your health, exercising and nourishing go hand in hand. Sitting idly all day effects your physical as well as your mental health.
  2. Nutritious Diet – You may be sticking to your points, but not with the right food. Eating nutrient rich food promotes weight loss, energy as well as reduces risks of illnesess. Consuming less sugars, salt and saturated fats are significant for healthy diet.
  3. Compensating Calories/Points – You may have had a burger for lunch, the tendency to skip dinner is high because you have used up all your points from that day. This is not only super unhealthy but also super stressful. Continuing down this road may lead to little or no difference in the scale. In fact can lead to opposite results of what you want.

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