Vitamin c and zinc are one of the two essential micronutrients that play dominant biological roles in supporting the immune system of our body and maintaining overall health. Vitamin C, chemically known as Ascorbic Acid, is a water-soluble vitamin found in citrus fruits like orange, blackcurrant, and guava and green vegetables like broccoli. Zinc is another important nutrient that is not synthesized in the body and is needed to be consumed via diet since it assists almost 300 biochemical reactions that also maintain our immune system. Dietary supplements of zinc include meat, dairy, and various vegetables. It is generally advised to combine these two nutrients for better and effective results, however, no one is sure how this works. Therefore, this article will help you clear the question of why to take zinc along with vitamin C.

Let’s start with vitamin C first, it plays a prime role in nutrition and supporting the immune system. It assists various enzymes in the synthesis of collagen or carnitine, the high antioxidant content of vitamin C also serves as a protection to proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids from toxins and pollutants. Lack of vitamin C is known to cause a disease known as scurvy. This results in fatigue and joint pain due to the weakening of the collagenous structure of the body. Zinc on the other hand is required in exceptionally small amounts by the body and yet is an important component of various biological functions like DNA binding and cellular differentiation. A zinc deficiency can result in skin alterations or damaged immune systems which results in increased susceptibility to infections and wounds.

When combined or taken together, vitamin C and zinc complement each other in their individual roles. Vitamin C improves the antimicrobial concentrations in our body’s immune system and maintains the redox integrity of cells. Vitamin C is usually declined in plasma and leukocytes when one suffers from infections or stress. Likewise, zinc is known to enhance natural killer cell activity. Therefore, both the nutrients together are known to boost a person’s immunity thereby reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Zinc s known to prevent cold and treat cold symptoms. Vitamin C on the other hand can succumb the chances of catching a cold. Therefore, when paired together, along with other nutrients vitamin C and zinc can highly refine the immune system of an individual and revamp the overall health.


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