Will cutting make you lose muscle?

Are you trying to lose weight through the cutting method? But at the same time are you afraid that you will lose your muscle gains?
Gym enthusiasts are often afraid of losing their bulk while trying to cut down their diet. Well, it all depends on technique and diet plan. Scroll down for more.

What is cutting?

Cutting refers to lowering your body fat percentage by following a strict diet. Bodybuilders often use cutting after bulking phase, in order to get leaner mass. It is not a very long-term phase; however, it ranges from a period of 2-4 months.
During bulking, your body gets a lot of muscle and as well as fat. Now, in order to remove that fat while maintaining your muscle is the basic idea of cutting. During this, our body mass decreases and metabolism adapts.

Will it make you lose muscle?

The answer is ‘NO’. If you follow a cutting diet with your exercise strictly, there are probably no chances of losing muscle mass.
The key focus area (as stated earlier) is maintained muscle mass. When a person is at cutting, he follows a calorie deficit diet with average weight lifting and workout sessions. This allows your muscle to grow while using your fat storage, leading to a reduction in fat.
But if you stick to cutting with only cardio, there is a high chance that you might lose gains. It is so because the body will target your muscle, instead of stored fat and use it. You need to perform some basic weight exercises with the diet for better results.

How can you enhance your cutting?

These are a few tips and tricks to bring the best out of you during the cutting phase.

1. Choose a split workout. A split workout allows you to target specific muscle areas and allow you to preserve the mass.
2. Add some low-density cardio. Low-density cardio allows you to burn more calories, i.e., the residual fat.
3. Keep track of your diet. Sometimes, cutting might lead to extreme weight loss and you might start losing muscle. Therefore, you need to keep a check on your body weight. Put some food back and cut out excessive cardio if you lost much.
4. Try heavy lifting. Use heavyweights in order to allow muscle growth.
5. Use moderate-low rep ranges. High rep ranges will lead to muscle loss.
6. Eat a balanced diet- low-calorie. They should have all the nutrients included. You can try lean meat, poultry, avocado oils, nuts and seeds, leafy vegetables, beans and pulses, protein powders such as whey and hemp, whole grains, etc.

Cutting can be an exhausting phase. Try talking to a dietician for better results. Visit our blog for more such articles.


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