Anaerobic workouts are usually any exercise that elevates your heart rate to a maximum of 80-100%. These workouts are usually shorter around 20 minutes yet extremely intense. One such workout type is High-intensity Interval Training often abbreviated as HIIT. It is a compilation of cardiovascular training with short intervals or periods of rest.

Primarily HIIT works by training intensive for a short period of time or dividing a long and strenuous workout into small intervals. This enables the individual to train harder and results in a more effective outcome. HIIT is known to boost the overall performance of an individual in many ways. It is known to improve aerobic and anaerobic energy production in the body along with enhanced neuromuscular coordination and speed. HIIT is a key ingredient in building one’s endurance and stamina. However, before we look into how does it do so, it is important to understand how our body actually builds endurance.

Aerobic training is known to improve endurance, which is defined by the cardiovascular system. Our cardiovascular performance is defined using three factors namely the heart rate, stroke volume, and heart contractility. As any of these factors raises the amount of blood and oxygen supply also increases as a result of which endurance increases. However, the heart is not the only determinant for building endurance. Along with this contraction of muscles also improve the blood flow and stroke volume in your body, making it another major contributing factor to improved endurance. Additionally, the maximum amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles in a given time, also termed as VO2max, plays an essential role in increasing your endurance. The VO2max in turn depends on two variables- the amount of blood supplied to your muscles and the amount of oxygen supplied to your muscle extracted from your blood.

HIIT is known to increase the amount of VO2 max provided to the body that results in improved endurance. It is a key training component for many athletes and features in the regime of many endurance athletes as well. Moreover, it additionally improves the metabolism and overall performance of the athlete by reducing carbohydrate oxidation simultaneously increasing fat oxidation. Thus, along with building endurance HIIT has many other advantages as well.


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