Will running can harm the body? Yes, it can if you run in slippers, or you run too much, or you sprain your ankle over irregular walk side. 

But we all know that running is beneficial but our careless can bring injury to us, and that’s how oats are, they are way more beneficial than our imagination. Oats are there to bring weight loss in our body, just like running bring metabolism in the body. 

Two things getting fat and getting weight are two different things. Fat is termed here as in a negative sense while weight is in a positive sense.

And definitely, no one is a fan of gaining unhealthy fat but may be possible some of is a die-hard fan of gaining weight in a healthy way. 

But how oats can turn the table if not taken properly. 

So it is no loss in saying that oats can make you fat.

1.Toppings – It really matters what you are adding as a topping in your oats meal. You won’t even realize that in a name of topping you poured so many fat gaining products, like you like chocolate toppings and you mixed it will oats. Might be Nutella, cream. Or mouth-watering market foods. Instead of this, why not try fresh fruits as a topping. But don’t exceed th level of fruit toppings also. Extra never provides benefits. 

2.Sugar – Sugar can never be healthy for the body, forget about the extra, not even a little bit of sugar is healthy. And if you are adding sugar to your oats then stop right there instantly. Sugar will only and only harm your body. It will decay the benefits of oats. Sugar should be avoided or should only be taken in very limited quantities. Instead of sugar, you can add natural things like honey. 

3.Tasty – It may be possible that oats taste good on the tongue. Oats are cooked in such a way that they fit our tongue and sometimes it gets so fit that we don’t look anything except it. Now, this leads to overeating. One should eat only 80% of his/her hunger. Eating too much can also be the reason for entering the fat in the body.


Eating oats is really healthy one should take it in their breakfast. But in the right way. Check the ingredient while purchasing packed oats, and also try to avoid flavored or packed oats as they are inbuilt with a chemical that can harm and bring unwanted fats.  


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