What are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters include medications and supplements designed to increase testosterone levels in the body. While low testosterone can trigger a range of symptoms, increasing this hormone comes with risks.

Also known as natural testosterone supplements, testosterone boosters increase the natural production of this hormone within your body.

Some natural boosters, such as ashwagandha, D-aspartic acid, and fenugreek seed extract, raise testosterone levels and improve muscle growth in men who have low levels, although the evidence is inconsistent.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen hormone that promotes the development of characteristics people typically associate with masculinity, such as facial hair, deep voice, and muscle growth.

Although testosterone is the principal male sex hormone, it is also present in females, though at much lower levels.

Testosterone influences various aspects of the human body, including:

muscle mass

bone density

hair growth and distribution

reproductive tissue health in females

testicle growth in males


Testosterone boosters exert complex effects on your body that extend beyond regulating fertility and bone mass. It also plays a role in fat distribution and how much muscle mass you’re able to build and maintain. Low levels negatively impact you in various ways, some of which influence your weight.

A lack of testosterone makes it difficult for men to build and maintain muscle mass. The amount of muscle you have plays a role in regulating your weight. Muscle requires more energy to maintain and therefore requires more calories. It helps keep the energy balance between how much you eat and how much you burn for fuel. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn.

When your testosterone levels fall below normal, your muscle mass declines, causing your metabolism to slow down. This domino effect paves the way for weight gain and stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to budge despite your best efforts at eating right and working out.

Fat cells once thought of as dormant storage spots, are now known to act like other organs, secreting chemicals, sending signals, and influencing other parts of your body. For instance, fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen, and an imbalance in your testosterone and estrogen levels increases body fat.

It also influences where you store fat. Low testosterone increases stomach fat, and too much abdominal fat is not only aesthetically displeasing, but it also raises your risk for heart disease.
Thus Testosterone boosters can be your one-stop-shop way to lose weight. Most underlying deficiencies in men and some women can be solved by taking testosterone boosters.

Consuming testosterone boosters from verified sources may help you lose weight and make your built and health better. They are useful in reducing the fat content in the body and making the results from hitting the gym being more effective.

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