When one is interested in building muscle, strength training and weight lifting seem the obvious regime to turn to. However, it is also not completely untrue that yoga will not help. Although yoga is seen more like a stretching exercise for bettering one’s posture, it also possesses the capability of building muscle but with a different approach. Strength training or weightlifting involves pulling the weight to gain muscle; however, one does the same in yoga, except for lifting gym weights he lifts his own body weight for strength. They engage their core using their own body weight without using any artificial methods and it is as effective as any gym training session. The muscles gained with yoga tend to be more toned and sustainable as they are built over the consistent practice, thus possessing more strength. Moreover, muscle build through yoga can be customized by engaging in different postures and metabolic systems.

Although weights are more effective for bulking muscles, yoga has more of an all-round approach to strengthening and toning muscles resulting in their built. Yoga adopts the process of eccentric training called eccentric overload or contraction. It involves the
stretching of muscles while contracting and simultaneously increasing their flexibility. As it can be derived, the process involves tearing the muscle fibers, that give an elongated look to the muscles. Yoga is proven to be very effective in eccentric training and is much safer than that in the gym since the injuries are much less serious. Yoga trainers advise incorporating standing yoga poses like the triangle pose (trikonasana) and the warrior pose (Virabhadrasana)to build leg muscles. Additionally, balance-focused poses like the tree pose (Vrikshasana) also help in strengthening the leg muscle as you tend to hold your entire body weight on a single leg. Increasing the time of holding these postures can prove to be of the same intensity as bodyweight exercises like squats. To summarizing, Yoga poses that revolve around the lower body can be counted in eccentric training and the intensity can be customized by you making certain alterations in the reps, frequency, and speed as per your convenience. It is advisable, that one makes full use of these muscle movements to maximize tension by adopting more challenging poses, to produce effective results.

However, after the comprehension of the muscle-building process through yoga, one can easily work on the targeted areas by adopting suitable postures and increase muscle. It is important to engage your metabolism while practicing yoga, to make muscle gaining easier and effective. Yoga might take a little longer to build muscle in comparison to traditional methods, however, one can combine both for an impressive and improved body built.


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