Work out plans for a Woman

Just starting to work out? Soon realizing that when people say it’s hard, that’s an understatement. And also, trainers are not cheap. The really good ones that give you solid life-changing moves in a short period of time are worth something short of gold. Working out can be intimidating sometimes. However, the sooner you realize that there is not a single form of exercise that takes care of it all, the better. It is extremely important to incorporate various forms of working out in order to attain the best results.

At the beginning finding your flow and things that work for you can be a little crazy. However, that should never stop you from experimenting and keep learning. This is exactly what this article is about, helping you find your groove.

Here’s how you can build a work out plan as a women

  1. Set your goals – Are you looking to lose weight? To build lean muscle? To tone? Whatever the goal is, the workouts need to be tailored specifically for what your goals are. Before you evengo to the gym, you need to figure out your ‘why’, because once you start discipline will have to take you places motivation won’t. Consistency, variety and challenge are three very important things to look for while working out.
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  1. Warm-up/Cool-down – A pre and post workout stretch or exercise is so essential for the body. It boosts blow flow, improves range of motion and even helps in the recovery.
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  1. Srength training – The decade-long myth that lifting weights as a woman turns you into a she-hulk is wrong. Lifting weights not only takes you closer to your most ‘ideal body type’, in fact, but it is also the easiest way to get there. Additionally, strength training is an excellent option to build muscle endurance and promotes bone strength. The idea of it is to expose your muscle to a storng counterforce. As a beginner, it is recommended to do 2/3 days of full-body strength training. Then over time make it 3/4 times a week but build the exercises into upper body and lower body. By now you should get the hang of it and what your body needs.
  1. Cardio – This is great for calorie burning and to lose weight. These exercises get your heart rate going and pushes more oxygen to the muscles. It can be swimming, walking, running, jump-rope, etc. Whatever you chose to pick up, make sure you enjoy it. Even if you hate to do any of these, simply walking 30 minutes a day does more for you than you can imagine. Once you get better at these short walks, aim for minimum 10,000 steps a day. Buy a fitness device that can help track your progress.
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  1. Active Recovery – Active recovery can come in two parts – ‘workout rest’ and ‘rest’ rest. Rest is just as important as working out. Sometime people get ahead of themselves with workouts. Be it an extra rep, an extra day of training, etc. Yes, challenging yourself is important. But if you do not rest, the body does not have sufficient time to recover the muscles. Workout rest days is when you can go on a short walk, do some yoga, etc. This way your body is used to moving, but also relives the body. Rest rest days can be used to break-up intense training days.
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