Does height really matter? Can your height stop you from achieving the things which you
deserve? Or height can play a major role in changing destiny.
The answer is a BIG FAT NO
Your height should never be a barrier to achieving your dream. But being a human and
owning human psychology is not easy. Negative thoughts, disappointment, lack of
confidence, inferiority complex and etc etc. And not everyone can fight it and that’s normal.
So, why not to fight against less height.
1. Tadasana or Tree Pose
a. Stand in attention
b. Uplift your right foot a little and bend the knee in a way that feet of right leg come to
contact with tight of left leg, your right leg feet should be resting on the thigh.
c. Try to balance your body.
d. Now take a deep breath and raise your hands in the air just like you used to get
punishment for raising hands, but the twist is after raising hands in the air, do
namaste. Keep stretching
e. Keep your face straight and focus on any object in front of your eyes and don’t forget
to smile.
f. Exhale your breath slowly while bringing your hands down and putting the right leg
on the ground
g. Stand straight and repeat the same action with the left leg.

2. Sarvang Asana or head stand
a. Lie on the ground, your back lying on the floor. And palms facing downward.
b. Slowly lift your both legs into the air, keep lifting, keep lifting till your buttock, and
halfback gets detached and feels it in the air.
c. Keep your legs and spine straight and leave your weight on your upper arms.
d. Smile
e. Stay for 15-30 seconds and return back to the first position.
f. Breath normal
g. Repeat the steps
3. Chakrasana or wheel pose
a. Lie on your back with knee bend upward, your knee should be facing the ceiling and
feet near to buttock,
b. Keep your feet in parallel like a railway track and hips-width apart.

c. Make a protector like a shape from your arms bending your elbow upward in such a
the way that palm hold grip from the ground.
d. Take a breath
e. Put the body pressure on protector shape arms and bended knee and raise your
spine in the air.
f. Difficult, struggling, good keep going it will work
g. Your body will curve in a semi-circle shape.

Note – While performing any yoga at home, don’t do it on the naked ground, use yoga mate
or anything, and perform them. Feeling any kind of pain while performing yoga, stop right
there, take and use the guidance of experts.

The results were not to be seen in weeks or months. It will take time to show visible effects.
You need to be disciplined about time while performing yoga. Apart from Yoga start playing
outdoor games like basketball, football, hockey, etc. They also play a major role in
increasing your height. Take your diet proper and healthy.


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